Desi Pal NZ creates a special connection between Indian and Western cultures in New Zealand by sharing and educating those in need of Indian clothing for a special occasion. We provide fine-tuned and relevant information to make wearing Indian attire easy all while understanding and respecting Indian culture.

We are New Zealand’s first and only platform for selling, renting or buying preloved South Asian attire. We hope to make wearing Indian clothing more sustainable by giving the New Zealand community a place to get more use out of each beautifully crafted and designed piece. While we have an online marketplace for the Kiwi community we also offer exclusive rentals for both women and men. All of our outfits have matching jewellery and accessory packs that are available for rent to complete any look. We hope to continue to extend our own range and be a one-stop-shop to meet all your desi attire needs.

Our Story

Desi Pal NZ was originally started as an Instagram page between friends who realised that thousands of dollars worth of their Indian outfits were wasting away in storage. Starting in early 2019, It quickly grew to reach over a thousand users and well over 300 marketplace listings before gaining enough momentum and funding to become an official platform.

About the Founder - Ella Dawson

Desi Pal NZ started with a Kiwi girl, meeting the love of her life who happened to be of Indian heritage. After learning more and more about the culture,  she fell in love with Indian fashion and quickly noticed the gap in the pre-loved clothing department compared to western clothing. This gave her the idea of creating an online group specifically for the community to list items they no longer wear in an effort to become more sustainable.