Search, sell & shop preloved Indian clothing from other members of the Indian community with our one of a kind marketplace!

How to list an item for Sale : 

1: Create an account HERE

2: Upload your photos and fill in the details for your products.

3: When your outfit is purchased, send the package within three days of purchase. Funds will be released to you upon confirmed delivery.


  • Have a clear background
  • Make sure other distracting objects and people are not visible preferably on a plain or white background. 

  • Model your outfit
  • Have a higher chance of selling or renting by showing potential customers what your item looks like on. Use a simple sticker to add over your face if you want to remain private or crop out above the neck. 

  • Only show the item for sale. 
  • To avoid confusion focus the photo on just the item you are selling instead of group photos.

  • Create your own content
  • Please use original content for your listing versus online product photos. Customers feel more confident seeing a photo of the actual product, as they can see exactly what to expect when they purchase or choose to rent from you!